Real Estate Transfers from September 2015

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for September of 2015:

Ellwood City Borough

  • 229 Hazen Ave; Charles and Kathy Wehr to LSF9 Master Participation Trustee for $1799.42
  • 122 Line Ave; Tenny Ripper to Eric Heitzenrater for $20,00
  • 206 Gregg St; Barbara Sarver to Jason and Amy Kester for $105,000
  • 412 Pershing St; Joseph and Autumn Minnitte to Linda Saxton for $136,000
  • 504 Hazel Ave; Sharon Scialdone, Christine Giancola, and Albert and John Genivia to Leona Saras for $154,500
  • 204 Wood St; Lucille Watterson to Loyal and Glenda Brown for $154,500
  • 1222 Beaver Ave; Michael and Jennifer Buzzelli to Wendy Phillippi for $36,000
  • Sims St; Nicholas Carone Trustee, Raymond Carone Trustee, Carone Family Trustee to Audrey Bolam for $76,000
  • 424 Wayne Ave; Roce Gottuso to William and Erica Gotuso for $10,000
  • 900-902 Crescent Ave; Victor Arcadi Est to Gary and Kathy Geiger for $45,000
  • 1113 Beaver Ave; Donald and Margaret Carney to Michael Galat for $72,300
  • 511 Mt Vernon Dr; Michael McCullough and Kelly Heffner to Evan Westlund for $78,000
  • 950 Peach St; Elizabeth Gillespie Est to Benjamin Swesey for $85,500
  • 877 Beachwood Blvd; Genevieve Wattik Est to Neil and Alyssa Figurel for $82,770
  • 127 Hazel Ave; Robert Badger to Jefrey Mannion for $59,500

Ellport Borough

  • 519 Golf Ave; Dennis and Mary Goss to Douglas and Lara Meyer for $139,400

Enon Valley Borough

  • 218 Church St; Thomas and Barbara Pflueger to Derek Eicher for $105,000

North Beaver Township

  • 4170 Wampum Rd; Veterans Affairs to Harold Feezle for $36,010
  • 125 Mohawk School Rd; Amy and Thomas Ford to Frank and Bonnie Simone for $85,000
  • 817 Mt Air Rd; Thomas Peterson to Ronald and Christine Kalac for $105,000
  • 356 Cleland Mill Rd; Jeremy and Patricia Smith to Gerald and Mary Davis for $110,000
  • 1207 Mt Jackson Rd; Brandon and Arissa French to Gary and Wendy Carr for $115,000

Perry Township

  • 552 Heinz Camp Rd; Audrey Bolam to Jennifer Black for $121,500

Shenango Township

  • Wilson Rd; John and Sheila Brown to Tyler Moore for $126,600
  • 631 Shenango Stop Rd; David and Cynthia Caughey to Oleksiy Zabetchuk for $81,480
  • 1113 Roosevelt St; Gregory and Sandra Workman to Sean Richards for $92,000
  • 38 Springhill Lane; Carl and Kathy Rogers to Brian Schmidt for $145,000
  • 2922 Old Pittsburgh Rd; Terence and Rhonda Gricks to Marie and Byron Hill for $135,000
  • Fields Dr; K R Group LLC to Jenna Maier and Danny Lewis for $194,300
  • 215 Aiken Rd; Brandon Michelle Albertini to Nathan and Amber Flood for $229,500
  • 1109 Grigsby St; Clarence Russell Jr Est to Paula Fidler for $82,100
  • 2600 Ellwood Rd; Ellwood Rd LLC to Thomas Landolf Trustee for $1,350,000
  • 3519 Nearwood Dr; David and Julie Czifra to William and Smith for $180,000
  • 1134 Carr St; Michele and Michael Houston to Luke Nicolette Ohara for $115,000
  • 2411 Old Pittsburgh Rd; Amber Flood and Nathan Flood to Jonathan Fennell for $70,000
  • 152 Douglas Dr; Jack and Nancy Stewart to Jamie Grego for $132,000
  • 3919 Hollow Rd; James and Kathleen Crespo to Russell McConahy and Kristina Parshall for $79,900
  • 804 Schenley Ave; Linda Blashak to Louis Julliano for $60,000
  • 111 Samuel Dr; Gary and Jenn Maier to Brandon and Michelle Albertini for $248,000

Slippery Rock Township

  • 280 Trusel Rd; Gerald Myers to Shawnee Trautman and Jamie Hughes for $125,000
  • Frew Mill Rd; Virginia Allison Est to Justin, Kyle, and Tyler Allison for $100,000
  • 453 Frew Rd; Kelly Adamczyk Thomas Adamczyk to Austin Ansel and Lauren Yuelling for $164,900
  • 4331 Ellwood Rd; CWA Holdings to Kirsten and Daniel Effinite for $129,900

Wayne Township

  • 1153 Chewton Wurtemburg Rd; Jared Marie Ann McElwain to Samuel and Carrie Miller for $12,000
  • 3202 Chewton Wurtemburg Rd; Linda and Carl Tammaro, Kathleen and Floyd Louis, Patricia and Jules Borenstein, and David, William and Patricia Crespo to James and Kathleen Crespo for $97,665