Ellwood City Track Teams Sweep Beaver Falls

The Ellwood City boys and girls track teams both defeated Beaver Falls in a home meet on Thursday, April 14.

For the girls, Golide Bookamer swept the three distance events and the pole vault. Taylor Petrak won the 100 and 200 meter dashes, and Emily Brown won the shot put and javelin throws.

For the boys, River Kelly won the javelin while taking second in the discuss and shot put. Billy Lott won the 3200 meter run, participated in a winning 4×800 meter relay team and took second in the 800 and 1600 meter runs.

Girls Score
EC: 92 BF: 46

Event 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
100m  Taylor Petrak, EC, 13.3  Alena Battaglia, EC  Bryonna Beeson, BF
200m  Alena Battaglia, EC, 27.5  Taylor Petrak, EC  Tre Slappy, BF
400m  Taylor Petrak, EC, 1:06.7  Tianna Foster, BF  Natalia Muoio, BF
800m  Goldie Bookamer, EC, 3:06.2  Laura Halligan, BF  Alexis Gaydos, BF
1600m  Goldie Bookamer, EC, 6:30  Laura Halligan, BF  Alexis Graydos, BF
3200m  Goldie Bookamer, EC, 15:54.1
110h  Madison Morella, EC, 16.8  Chloe Kuffer, EC  Rae Hildebrand, EC
300h  Alison Chicky, BF, 1:02.9
4x100m  Ellwood City, 52.1  Mia DeCaria, Alena Battaglia  Karrington Ketterer, Madison Morella
4x400m  Beaver Falls
4x800m  Beaver Falls
javelin  Emily Brown, 91-2  Laura Halligan, BF  Christina Jackson, BF
discus  Christina Jackson, BF, 66-11  Emily Brown, EC  Emily Young, BF
shot put  Emily Brown, EC, 28-11  Christina Jackson, BF  Emily Young, BF
high jump  Rae Hildebrand, EC, 4-6  Mia DeCaria, EC, 4-4  Alea Lewis, EC, 4-4
long jump  Alena Battaglia, EC, 15-2  Natalia Muoio, BF, 14-4  Karington Ketterer, EC, 13-11.5
triple jump  Mia DeCaria, EC, 30-8  Alea Lewis, EC, 26-11.5  Chloe Kuffer, EC, 24-11
pole vault  Goldie Bookamer, EC, 7-6

Boys Score
EC: 87 BF: 60

Event 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
100m  Derrel Carter, BF, 11.0  Nick Ioanilli, EC  DJ Barrett, EC
200m  Darrel Carter, BF, 22.8  Nick Ioanilli, EC  DJ Barrett, EC
400m  Malcolm Gandy, BF, 59.3  Seth Zellhart, EC  Cody Long, BF
800m  Domenic Perretta, BF, 1:58.9  Billy Lott, EC  Colin Fair, EC
1600m  Domenic Perretta, BF, 4:34.4  Billy Lott, EC Gage Agnew, EC
3200m  Billy Lott, EC, 11:18.1  Spencer Mason, EC  Chad Lewis, EC
110h  Norm Ballard, EC, 18.0  Noah Coleman, BF
300h  Noah Coleman, BF, 56.3  Spencer Mason, EC
4x100m  Ellwood City, 46.1  DJ Barrett, Alex Fotia  Nick Ioanilli, Nate Russo
4x400m  Beaver Falls
4x800m  Ellwood City, 9:43.8  Seth Zellhart, Gage Agnew  Calin Fair, Billy Lott
javelin  River Kelly, EC, 133-10  David DeLoia, EC  Nate Stratton, BF
discus  Sean Conway, BF, 118-0  River Kelly, EC  Matt Gandy, BF
shot put  Sean Conway, BF, 44-7  River Kelly, EC  Matt Gandy, BF
high jump  Ricky Roth, EC, 5-8  Noah Tobery, BF  Brandon Moore, BF
long jump  Nick Ioanilli, EC, 19-11  Nate Russo, EC  Ricky Roth, EC
triple jump  Malcolm Gandy, BF, 38-0.5  Ricky Roth, EC, 35-2  Jake Alberts, EC, 29-11.5
pole vault  Norm Ballard, EC, 8-6  Chad Leiws, EC

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