Real Estate Transfers for February

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for February of 2016:

Ellwood City

  • 700 June Lee St; Jared and Emily Mazzant to American International Relocation Solutions LLC for $164,900.
  • 124 Fifth St; Joseph and Edythe Bellissimo to PA CVS Pharmacy LLC for $425,000.
  • 120 Fifth St; Wesley Ann Calve to CVS PHarmacy LLC for $200,000.
  • 516 Spring Ave; Mary Dorer and Wesley Calve to CVS Pharmacy LLC for $240,000.
  • 516 Spring Ave; Ellwood City Borough to CVS Pharmacy for $20,000.
  • 731 Park Ave; Gail and Robert Connors to Philip and Ashley Waller for $90,000.
  • 54 Pittsburgh Circle; Atkinson Family Trust to William and Margaret Atkinson for $45,000.
  • 307 10th St; Frances June Hartzell Est to M Quest Property for $36,000.
  • 309 10th St; Darla Portugallo to M Quest Property for $18,000.
  • 313 10th St; Coleen Sue Myers Trustee to M Quest Property for $36,000.
  • 1207 Lawrence Ave; Richard Stillwagon Est to Wells Fargo Bank for $4,535.94.
  • 100 13th St; Michael Williams Est to Yetta Jacobs for $7,000.
  • 300 Spring Ave; Louis and Amy Coleman to Joseph, Ann and Jennifer Ludwig for $86,000.
  • 731 First Ave; Brian Bush to Sean Brubaker for $92,000.
  • 309 Hazel Ave; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Russell Wilson for $23,700.
  • 502 Haig St; Dennis and Arloene Custato for $88,000.
  • 818 California Ave; Barbara Morey to Jessica Copper for $77,600.
  • 633 Todd Ave; William and Nicole Allman to Ryan Curry for $85,000.

Enon Valley Borough

  • 238 Gardner St; Huntington National Bank to Roy Veon for $12,000.

Little Beaver Borough

  • Beaver Dam Road; Phyllis Robin to Andrew and Mary Shasteen for $30,000.

North Beaver Township

  • 1274 Cleland Mill Road; John and Crystal Magliocca to Nicole and Brian Magliocca for $210,000.
  • 4139 State Route 18; Delores Grinnen to Alexander Hoffman for $129,000.
  • Hickory View Drive; Hickory View Terrace Inc to Benjamin and Loren Russo for $40,000.
  • Hickory View Drive; James, Gerald and David Sankovich to Benjamin and Loren Russo for $10,000.
  • 114 Bryan St; Kerry and Brenda Carlo to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC for $112,277.61.
  • 163 Mohawk School Road; Fannie Mae Mortgage to Betty Jo Pander for $43,500.
  • 611 Cleland Mill Road; Charlene and Jennifer Nicholson to David Leslie for $220,000.
  • 1224 Mt Jackson Road; Mary Strawhecker Est to Christopher McEwen for $100,000.

Perry Township

  • 560 Morningstar Drive; Shirley Twentier to Ronald and Erin Thomas for $148,000.
  • 319 Raymond St; Walter George Bushman to Matthew Sylvester for $77,000.
  • Mountville Road; Charles K St Clair to Donald and Margaret Marchese for $135,000.
  • 3669 State Route 488; Raymond McAnallen Est to Kyle Wright for $38,000.

Shenango Township

  • 1611 Old Butler Road; Ralph and Denise Martone to Anthony Tammaro for $65,001.
  • Moravia Street Extension; Gary and Barbara French to Peiffer Family Trust for $36,425.
  • 1204 Roosevelt St; Joshua and Amanda Rombold to Sheldon and Katie Meyer for $99,900.
  • 1503 Old Butler Road; Louis Suisi Est to Rishel Properties LLC for $100,000.
  • 3563 W Pittsburg Road; Rita Frengel to Diane Frengel for $27,000.
  • 2416 Willowhurst Circle; Barbara and Mark Maxwell to Kiley Norco for $108,450.
  • 12 Woodview Drive; George Newtzie to Newton Derry for $90,500.
  • 2715 Bryn Mawr Ave; Gary and Beth Hassan to DLJ Mortgage Capital for $123,736.09.
  • 943 Sherwood Drive; Rebecca Joseph to Joshua and Amanda Rombold for $146,900.
  • 509 Gardner Stop Road; Gina Natvig to Harold and Grace Natvig for $9,285.40.

Slippery Rock Township

  • 2735 Copper Road; Richard and Jessica Lyle to Shannon Collins for $165,000.

Wampum Borough

  • 400 Beaver St; Samuel Crangi to TBones Paramount Cafe LLC for $45,000.

Wayne Township

  • 132 River Road; Dennis and Amy Stiles to Stephen Benavente for $185,000.
  • 1312 Woodside Ave; LCAR Acres to Paradise Property Group for $239,600.
  • 1304 Woodside Ave; Lori Kolhmeyer to Paradise Property Group LLC for $65,000.

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