Correction: Consultant Company Proposal Stated Incorrectly

The article “Marketing Consulting Company Presents Proposition to Skeptical EC School Board,” incorrectly presented Image Consultant’s preliminary proposal.

Image Consultants’ initial quote was for $50 per hour for 32 hours, totaling $1,600. Specified services included consultation with school representatives, development of sponsorship funding levels, creation of handout materials and solicitation of potential sponsors. These rates didn’t include gas mileage, which would be charged at 57.5 cents per miles. The proposal recommended an initial 90 or 120-day contract.

The quote was preliminary and open to revision. Specifically, Marshall mentioned that the rate could be dropped to $40.

The previous description of the proposal omitted the 32 hours of specified services, giving the impression that $1,600 total was an upfront in addition to the $50 per hour rate.

More information on Image Consultants can be found on their website.



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