Real Estate Transfers from July 2015

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for July of 2015:

Ellwood City

  • 611 Madison Ave; Edwin and Amy Clark to Justin Caplinger and Augusta Hohbach for $168,000
  • 922 3rd St; Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jeffrey and Reneta Hart for $21,700
  • 347 Mt Vernon Dr; Edward and Rose Fox to Brandon Downey for $143,000
  • 36 Franklin Ave; Bank of New York Mellon Trustee to Anthony Sacco for $26,500
  • 224 Patricia Dr; Shirley Scrivo Est and Amy Dimuccio to Kelly and Ann Gribus for $96,500
  • 228 4th St; Philip Smilek to Robert and Loreekay Franze for $40,000
  • 910 Factory Ave; Susan and Harvey Leventhal to Stinson Property Holdings LLC for $80,000
  • 1221 Lawrence Ave; Harvey and Susan L Leventhal to Stinson Property Holdings LLC for $475,000
  • 126 Hazel Ave; Diana Neel to Mathew and Kelly Woloszyn for $97,500
  • Fountain Ave; TGM Development Inc to John and Barbara Morgan for $100,000
  • 403 Line Ave; Rebecca Jones to Benjamin and Emily Donohue for $89,000
  • 508 Franklin Ave; Secretary of Veterans Affairs and USA Veterans Affairs to James Walton for $26,499
  • 524 Mt Vernon Dr; Frank Sofilkanich Est to Robert and Karen Banks for $55,000
  • 211 College St; Doug Lample to Douglas Balin for $1000
  • Crescent Ave; Ellwood City Borough to Lester and Shelley Severe for $17,500
  • 217 Franklin Ave; Lawrence County Tax Claim Bureau Trustee and Richard Wilson to Ted and Linda Kelosky for $6000
  • 140 Wampum Ave; Lawrence County Tax Claim Bureau Trustee, Wade and Sharyn Smith to Gary and Sylvia Marsano for $13,000
  • 701 Hazel Ave; George and Jill Barson to Leanne Erwin for $63,600

Ellport Borough

  • Jamison Ave; Donna Cole to James and Angelica Mason for $15,000
  • Burns Ave; Joanne E Ritorto Est, Frank and Carol Ritorto, Melonie and Terry Caravella, and Gregory Ritorto to Charles Moore for $117,000
  • 207 Burns Ave; Lawrence County Tax Claim Bureau Trustee and Kasey Greco to Joseph Anderson for $34,000
  • 215 Parkview Ave; Lawrence County Tax Claim Bureau Trustee and Timothy Rough to Norman Laszlo for $37,000
  • 301 Jamison Ave; Mary and Arthur Schlemmer Trustee to Jean Porter for $136,000

New Beaver Township

  • 2398 Old Route 18; Julie and Jared Vankirk and Cathryn and Carin Campbell to Earl and Dawn Smoot for $131,000

Perry Township

  • Barkley Rd; Dale Boring to Scott Taylor for $17,000
  • 372 Heinz Camp Rd; Enterprise Bank to Richard and Mary Nussbaumer for $275,000

Slippery Rock Township

  • Shaffer Road; Michael Pasquale to Chad and Mary Cutchall for $145,250
  • 4165 Frew Mill Rd; Patricia George to Carl Gates and Cindy Harper for $1,150,000
  • 2485 Perry Highway; Edward and Audrey Bridge to Kenneth Mackrell and Diann Erwin for $63,000

Wampum Borough

  • 441 Beaver St; Ryan Kirchel to Arthur Lastoria for $30,000

Wayne Township

  • 1101 Mossy Oak Lane; Matthew and Chelsea Aiken to Harry and Sarah Pappert for $335,000
  • 215 Joseph St; Lucy Ciletti Est to Howard Simmons for $70,000
  • 810 Vinegar Valley Rd; DBB Realty LP and Bruce, Barry and Richard Badger Limited Partner to Jerry W and Betty Tillia and Rebecca and William Crawford for $285,000
  • 5245 Ellwood Rd; Ronald Hassen to David Hassen and Patricia Kegel for $38,000
  • 1032 Aetna Dr; Marianne Jubach to Shawn Perkins for $70,000
  • 622 Dutch Ridge Rd; Pioneer Abode LP to Roger Williams for $119,500
  • 1128 Wurtemburg Rd; Ronald Wiley and Lawrence County Tax Claim Bureau Trustee to Linda and Ted Kelosky for $7500
  • 7810 Bridge St; John Vukamanic¬† to Clark Groce for $54,9000

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