Real Estate Transfers from October 2015

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for October of 2015:

Ellwood City Borough

  • 506 Franklin Ave; Judith and George Curry to Charles and Kathryn Murray for $30,000
  • 122 Line Ave; Raymond and Mary Bettoni to Bank of New York Mellon Trustee for $2760.12
  • 507 Pershing St; Adrienne Neff to Paul Night for $98,000
  • 510 Haig St; Megan and David Moore to Adam and Ashlee Carter for $137,000
  • 809 California Ave; Look at My Homes LLC to Michelle Pogozelec for $127,000
  • 124 Hazen Ave; Carl Ezzo to Randall Vanhorn for $15,000
  • 222 Hazel Ave; Harold and Stephanie Meanor to Raelene McQuiston for $57,900
  • 207 Hickory Way; Carolyn Lloyd to US Bank National Association Trustee for $2,327.76
  • 379 Mt Vernon Dr; Lawrence, Ronald and Marianne Cirelli to Aaron Cassandro for $70,000
  • 300 Line Ave; Volt Asset Holdings Trust XVI to Cassie Hulick for $11,924
  • 524 Ore St; John R Jr and Heather Mills to Joshua and Krista Boydell for $91,000
  • 526 Todd Ave; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jon and Anne Disher for $13,450
  • 112 Hazen Ave; Jon and Brandy Tillia to Dustin Newton for $85,800

Ellport Borough

  • 227 Duncan Ave; Pamela Kifer to Federal National Mortgage Association for $2839
  • 417 Martin Ave; William Berendt Est to Brian Berendt for $110,000
  • Mahoney Ave; Veronica Tepsick Est to Bradley Goehring for $103,000


Little Beaver Township

  • 303 Mud Bridge Rd; Richard and Kathie Brewer to Sherry Strozza for $115,900

North Beaver Township

  • 118 Sunnsydie Rd; Arthur and Cheryl Pierog to Robert and Barbara Cody for $130,000
  • 320 Columbiana Rd; Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Gary Weinstein and Robert  Elder for $41,107
  • 223 Hickory View Dr; Frederick and Erin Hinkson to Stephanie and Judith Lane for $139,500
  • 915 Mt Jackson Rd; State of Pennsylvania Inc to D&W Leasing Inc for $145,000

Perry Township

  • 323 Morrison Ave; Goldie and G. Faye Reese to Stacey Huber and Carol Thomas for $124,620
  • 511 Portersville Rd; Earl Tindall Est to Pamela McCrumb for $24,000
  • Palo Alto Dr; Dominick and Linda Amadio to Paul and Cassandra Pishioneri for $32,500
  • 3853 State Route 488; David and Trudy Boots to Mark Bischoff for $187,000
  • N Camp Run Rd; Karen Konyak to Michael Burtner for $150,000
  • 200 Locust Terrace; J. Philip and Loria Wimer to Henry and Nancy Hafer for $160,000
  • 109 Mercer Rd; Daryl and Arianna Sobol to Pascal and Christine Confer for $650,000

Shenango Township

  • 1531 Savannah Rd; Michael Mansour to Diane Grilli for $149,000
  • 1318 Old Princeton Rd; Summit Apartments Inc to Robert Barbara Retort for $15,000
  • 24 Phillips Dr; Philip and Terri Julian and Daniel Gebbia to Darryl Laurie Audia for $36,000
  • 801 Allegheny Ave; Janet and William Westlake to Andrew Rose for $92,000
  • 2417 E Ridgewood Ct; Thomas Gina Colangelo to Douglas and Susan Spiker for $128,900
  • 1018 Old Princeton Rd; Jeffrey Marttala Trustee, Janet Marttala Trustee and Richard Marttalla Est to John and Jodi Peluso for $21,100
  • 412 Aiken Rd; Joseph and Tommilynn Henry to Jeffrey Elliot and Morgan Dean for $165,000

Slippery Rock Township

  • 2318 Mill Bridge Rd; Elaine and David Bish to Lorine Bish for $100,000
  • 3624 US 422; James McKnight Est and Dennis McKnight to Troy Steinheiser for $116,000

Wayne Township

  • 749 Smiley Stop Rd; Jonnie Kevin Kubic to Bank of New York Mellon Trustee for $2274.65
  • 101 14th St; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Craig Steeb for $31,500
  • Mt Hope Rd; Raelene McQuiston to Frederick Blair for $119,500
  • 1675 W Lawrence Ave; Harbour Portfolio VI LP to Headlands Asset Management for $29,467.63
  • Oswald St; Ronald and Karole Jean Guy to Susan and David Derosa for $14,380
  • 1114 Aetna Dr; Brent Edwards to American Escrow and Closing Co for $281,250
  • 205 Creston Ave; John and Saundra Allwine to Cory Ottaviani for $170,000
  • 5309 Old Pittsburgh Rd; Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Assoc to David Maiella for $25,000

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