Real Estate Transfers from December 2015

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for December of 2015:

Ellwood City

  • 220 Patricia Drive; Jason and Jamie Blando to Jordan DiBucci for $137,700.
  • 520 Mount Vernon Drive; Christopher and Ashley Freed to Kenneth and Geraldine Schmidt for $81,500.
  • 520 Spring Ave; Kenneth and Tracy Kriess to Pennsylvania CVS Pharmacy LLC for $115,000.
  • 522 Spring Ave; James and Delores Donley to Pennsylvania CVS Pharmacy LLC for $135,000.
  • 922 Third St; Jeffrey and Reneta Hart to Angela Berger for $89,000.
  • 331 Mount Vernon Drive; Betty Zill Est to Bruce and Joan Badger for $100,000.
  • 115 Fountain Ave; Richard and Sally Youngker to William and Cindy Youngker for $48,000.
  • Highland Ave; Miles Spielvogel to Mark Valvano for $42,000.
  • 424 13th St; Willie Howard and Mae Gandy to Hartland Acres Inc for $4,296.68.
  • 310 Petain St; Thaddeus Zapadka Est to Nick and Kathleen Curcio for $101,000.
  • 1025 Border Ave; Sue Moskal Est to Drew Dunmire for $52,500.
  • 805 First Ave; Philip Ursu and Susan and David Lipiniski to Kendra and Ryan Werner for $80,100.
  • 315 Pittsburgh Circle; Janet Howell Est and William Howell to Huntington National Bank for $6,600.85.
  • 512 Mt Vernon Drive; Stuart Gardner Trustee to Tiger Fife LLC for $100,000.
  • 100 Fourth St; Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Kevin and Ashton Yurkiw for $21,000.
  • 307 Allenby St; Shakira and Brenton Gilmore to Justin and Kristin Cooper for $134,000.
  • Hazel Ave; Sue Simi Est to Brian Hogue and Kathleen Lucas for $155,000.

Enon Valley Borough

  • 1130 Main St; Thelma Seidler Est to Lee and Marjorie Hostetter for $50,000.

Little Beaver Township

  • 2691 Beaver Dam Road; Duane and Pamela Reed to Edward, Mark and Carl Harding for $17,500.

North Beaver Township

  • 122 Bryan St; Glenna Sentgeorge to Ashley Vereb and Robert Houston for $124,000.
  • Petersburg-Mt Jackson Road; Koch Roy Revocable Living Trust to Bald Eagle Development Co LLC for $373,775.
  • 283 McClain Road; Trotacre Farms LLC to Andrew Liggett for $110,000.

Perry Township

  • 214 Morrison Ave; Bryan and Rachel Leviere to Kenneth and Tracy Kriess for $85,000.
  • Morningstar Drive; Lloyd and Sandra Myers to Samuel and Margaret Ewing for $258,000.
  • 737 Wheman Lane; Frank Wehman to Chelsey Giardina for $200,000.
  • 273 Mecklem Lane; Karen and Brian Goehring to Bradley Craig for $45,000.

Shenango Township

  • 657 Harmony Baptist Road; Toni Wimer to Andrew Schilling for $119,000.
  • Old Princeton Road; Keystone Rock Properties Inc. to Louis and Cara Laurenza for $23,500.
  • 2418 Woodland Hills Drive; Kathleen and Mark Pitluga to Zachary and Christina Thomas for $225,000.
  • 808 Allegheny Ave; Larrissa Rogan to Aaron Lillibridge for $70,000.
  • Butler Road; CREPD LLC to Shenango Crossings LLC for $730,000.
  • 915 Pleasant View Drive; Donna Fleissner to Stacey and Carla Hopkins for $127,500.
  • 132 Fields Drive; KR Group LLC to Susan Owens for $170,000.
  • 111 Frew Mill Road; Mas Engineering LLC to New York Blower Co for $1,200,000.
  • 842 Rose Stop Road; Joseph and Kathleen Desalvo to Sarah and Shawn Campbell for $132,500.

Slippery Rock Township

  • 767 Mill Bridge Road; Cora Miller Est to Ronald Ryan for $85,200.
  • 3766 Shaffer Road; Jeannette Gross Est to Gary and Ruthann Chiarini for $155,000.
  • 1973 Young Road; Matthew Harlan to Thomas and Catherine Einsporn for $100,000.

Wayne Township

  • 1600 Lawrence Ave; Raymond and Tracy Kelosky to Talking Stick Game Calls Inc. for $135,000.
  • 1622 W Lawrence Ave; Robert Frishkorn and Frances Hartzel Est to Paul Honneffer for $10,000.
  • 1114 Aetna Drive; American Escrow & Closing Co to Joseph and Kelly Nardone for $290,000.
  • 1040 Aetna Drive; Doris Evans to Brian Seaburn for $75,000.

Wilmington and Shenango Township

  • Old Route 18; James Steiner Est to Timothy Bobosky for $65,000.

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