Real Estate Transfers from November 2015

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for November of 2015:

Ellwood City

  • 715 Crescent Ave; Richard Gardner to Michael Yohe and Kia Yohe for $92,500
  • 310 Sims St; Charles, Maia, Robbi and April Damato to Timothy and Shelley Blythe for $70,000
  • 620 Dover Lane; Christian and Missionary Alliance Church of Ellwood City to Jacob Chiappetta for $128,000
  • 904 Woodside Ave; Theodore and Lois Syphrit to Charlotte Varrati to $56,500
  • 7 Cavalier Court; Norma McClintick to Dennis and Linda McCullough for $185,000
  • 306 Wood St; Rebecca and Paul Powell to Tim Zelinka and Jonathan Patrick for $34,500
  • 69 Pittsburgh Circle; Alan and Roberta Cumo to Sean Wilson for $128,900
  • 730 Wampum Ave; Lawrence County Tax Claim Bureau Trustee and Joseph and Dawna Market to Rocco Ierino for $500
  • 43 Franklin Ave; Margaret Parise to Linda Schooley for $24,000
  • 1213 Center Ave; Bank of New York Mellon Trustee to Loren Mosholder and Steven St. Clair for $177,450
  • 400 Orchard Ave; George Sewall III to Eric Houk for $25,000
  • 320 Sims St; Lena Ionellie Est to Charles and Robbi Damato for $70,000

Ellport Borough

  • 201 Golf Ave; David and Nancy Reeder to Stephen Mazzanti for $124,900
  • 117 State Ave; Carl Castellani to Matthew and Jessica Martin for $103,000

Little Beaver Township

  • 338 Clark Road; William and Joann Bradley to Scott and Amy Colwell for $177,450

North Beaver Township

  • 188 Sunnyside Road; Philip and Sandra Reda to David Byers for $260,000
  • 3082 Enon Road; Dante and Melanie Marangoni and Roy and Alicia Symonds to Megan and Daniel Stacy for $105,000

Perry Township

  • 1247 W Lancaster Road; Rhonda and Paul Glevicky for $40,800

Shenango Township

  • Princeton Ave; William Dolling Est to Kathleen Kunz for $56,500
  • 2306 Roy Drive; Denise Callender, Debra Matthews, Ruthann Chiarini and Dan Zoltani Est to Debra and Howard Matthews for $90,000
  • 1511 Old Princeton Road; James McCracken Est to Ronad and Marci Dechesero for $40,000
  • 1117 Motor St; Violet Eakin to Elizabeth and Joseph Waters for $34,500
  • 709 Rose Ave; Windsor Road Land LLC to Archaus Development LLP for $58,381
  • 709 Rose Stop Road; Windsor Road Land LLC to Brandon Rishel for $209,000
  • 1427 Butler Road; Grant and Chandra Alfano to US Bank National Trustee for $1,710.32
  • 1207 Willowbrook Road; David and Megan Davies to Brian and Danielle Caldwell for $87,900
  • 3525 Old Pittsburgh Road; Joseph Hudack, Jr. to Mark Collins and Renee Barron for $85,000

Slippery Rock Township

  • 718 Fox Road; Ruth Lough Est to Charles Lough for $76,300

Wampum Borough

  • 431 Beaver St; Brent and Kimbery Baney to Kayla Owens and Timothy Klingensmith for $52,500

Wayne Township

  • Ellwood-New Castle Road; JoEllen Weingartner to Asia and David Green for $50,000
  • N/A; Jeffrey Krosovic to Mandi Gibbons for $89,000
  • 4419 Ellwood Road; Kyle and Jolene Krupa to Amber and Michael Kerry for $149,900
  • 219 Northwestern Drive; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to William and Concetta Schwartz for $59,900
  • N/A Wurtemburg Road; Carolyn Grundy to K Boring Homes Inc for $110,000
  • 749 Smiley Stop Road; Bank of New York Mellon Trustee to Richard Lunn for $17,290

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