Police Arrest Area Residents Operating North Side Meth Lab

Ellwood City Police were led by an anonymous tip to a house in the North Side neighborhood on Thursday leading to the arrest of two residents who were operating an “extremely dangerous and fully functional” methamphetamine laboratory inside a home.

Reports said the house had no electricity and was later found to have lanterns and large amounts of kerosene inside.

Richard Brian Lumley, 43, of 332 Orchard Ave. and Timothy Bill Locke, 32, of 4446 Hollow Road, Wayne Township were arrested and arraigned on charges related to operating a meth lab.

After the search and arrest of the suspects, police had to use DEA assistance in cleaning up the house and lab, finding multiple other items used in making methamphetamine.

According to a report, police believe there are still smaller production facilities in the Ellwood City area.

Locke and Lumley remain in jail on $250,000 bond.

WPXI was on the scene at the Ellwood City Municipal Building throughout the day on Thursday and release the following video:

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