College, Smiley Street Repave Project Reaches Completion

As a result of a Joint Paving Project between the Borough of Ellwood City, Columbia Gas and the PA American Water Company, the street from College to Smiley Street was repaved.

This project which involved these utilities brought about new water and natural gas services to the residents. In addition, the participating utilities actually performed restorative and replacement sidewalk and handicap ramp improvements and even some driveway aprons where necessary.

“This is an indication of the types of projects the Borough has been engaged in with the utilities and will continue to work with them to get the projects completed as efficiently as possible and in the most cost effective manner,” Borough Manager Bob Villella stated. “You will note for the restoration of the area after these major service programs took place the Borough did not pay for this project.”

According to Public Works estimates, had the Borough undertaken the paving and handicap ramps the project could have cost the Borough in excess of $250,000.

“We want to thank Columbia Gas and PA American Water Company for their cooperation and working with the Borough and the residents of the project area for their assistance and cooperation.”

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