Partial Solar Eclipse Will Be Visible in Ellwood City

The highly anticipated solar eclipse across the nation from the west coast to the east coast of America is happening today, which will be visible at different times throughout regions of the nation.

While Ellwood City is not in the “direct path” of the eclipse, according to, Ellwoodians will be able to see a partial eclipse starting at 1:09p.m., the peak of the eclipse will be at 2:34p.m. and the end at 3:54p.m. for a total duration of 2 hours and 44 minutes.

The weather forecast predicts clouds and possible rain storms throughout the day.

Eclipse’s are not necessarily rare, however the last time an eclipse has traveled completely across the west to east coast of America was in 1918.

The eclipse will move across the nation from the west to east coast due to the moon’s orbit of the Earth from west to east. To verify this, watch the moon rise on successive nights to see that it rises later each day as the Earth’s rotation needs more time to ‘catch up’ with the moon in its orbit.

To protect your eyes, do not stare directly at the eclipse. To safely view the eclipse, purchase approved eclipse viewing sunglasses.

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