Helling Stadium Fallen Pole Causes Severe Damage

Proceeding a storm with 60mph winds Friday evening, during a delayed football game at Helling Stadium a light pole at the stadium fell, struck two people, and damaged areas of the field and a Noga Ambulance.

According to recent reports, 13-year-old Jaidyn Le’Viere, a junior cheerleading coach entering eight grade at Lincoln Junior-Senior High School, sustained injuries including lacerations in her back and a broken hip.

An unidentified adult male was also injured by the pole, believed to have sustained a broken arm as a result of the pole’s collapse.

The light pole fell towards a pop-up tent between the baseball and football field, damaging a section of bleachers and striking the back of a Noga Ambulance, causing significant damage to the vehicle.

The game was delayed before the incident due to lightning.

A GoFundMe page has been started to support Le’Viere’s recovery.

Photo by Jean Roberts.

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