Back to School: Wolverines Football Site to Introduce HD Live Streaming

Along with the general yearly updates to the schedule and roster, the official Ellwood City Wolverines website is expecting to make further changes for this upcoming season, with the biggest alteration being the addition of high-definition live streaming for both home and away games.

After experiencing less than ideal live streaming incidents last season, Bradly Windhorst, the site owner and operator, has made every effort to ensure this year will be a huge improvement.

“Last year I tried streaming from my phone, which had it’s problems especially because of service, so this year I bought all new streaming equipment including an HD camera and I have been working closely with the school to get the necessary internet access at the home stadium to support the live streaming – which will be on both our website and YouTube channel,” Windhorst stated.

For away games, Windhorst will be setting up his phone’s personal hot-spot to connect the equipment for streaming capabilities.

While Windhorst has been doing everything to perfect the streaming, he suspects the first couple matches may be trial and error.

“Since you never know what to expect, from phone service not being strong enough to support streaming, to website, audio, and other technical errors, I can’t promise it will always be amazing quality to start, but we are doing everything in our power to ensure smooth sailing,” he said.

Windhorst also plans on using the equipment to record and stream interviews with some of the team members and coaches, ideally on a weekly basis and after games, to encourage more interaction with the team.

Currently, Windhorst is looking for more assistance helping with the site to further the sites capabilities, including the addition of other Ellwood City High School sports.

“We focus on only football at the moment, but eventually I would like to branch out to doing all the sports for every season throughout the year at the high school,” Windhorst stated. “In order to do that I would need a bigger production team and more helping hands.”

Anyone with any broadcasting, technical, or journalistic experience, including students, who may be interested in supporting the site is urged to contact Bradly here.

The Wolverines will be playing their first match of the season against Central Valley at Helling Stadium on Sept. 1.

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