BREAKING: Attempted Robbery at Lawrence Ave. Wesbanco

Ellwood City Police are requesting your help locating the attempted robbery suspect.

The attempted robber entered the bank this afternoon at approximately 2:52pm and presented a note a the teller window before fleeing.

The suspect is an African American Male, approximately 5’10”, mid 20’s, athletic build.  He was last seen leaving the bank on foot, wearing a blue t-shirt, jean shorts, high-top white socks, and a blue hat.

If anyone can identify the suspect in the photograph, please contact the Lawrence County 911 Center at 724-656-9300.

7:00pm UPDATE: According to a local news source, the suspect presented a note that read “THIS IS A ROBBERY GIVE ME THE MONEY BAG NOW YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS” and slid it to the teller.

According to the published report, police said the man did not present a weapon, although it is not clear whether he was armed.”

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  2. Looks like the same man that robbed grove city area credit union a couple hours later.

  3. Well there isnt much in this town and to do this right by the police department and the magistrate they figure the police werent around and thats pretty brave and taking a chance.A officer should have been there in a flash.I dont understand all this.A officer could have ran out or pulled right out and he was on foot and not seen.Crazy.Where were the police?The station is right across the street and he was on foot.Why such a slow response?COME ON!!!!NO EXCUSE

  4. David Thompson | August 6, 2017 at 4:18 pm | Reply

    How dumb is this? Institutions pay good money to put these systems in, then purchase poor cameras and the whole thing is for naught!

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