Fundraising for Local High School Student in Pool Accident

Anthony Tollari is a high school student at Riverside who was in a pool-related accident nearly two weeks ago that has left him partially paralyzed.

“After a Colt League Championship baseball defeat, Anthony was at his home, and dove into his pool. He landed extremely awkward, and broke his neck. He was rushed to the hospital, and had to have emergency surgery to save his life. Anthony is now in a facility for at least two months to attempt to regain his feeling and mobility,” his GoFundMe page states.

Tollari’s family remains optimistic and constantly updates his Facebook support page with his progress.

The community has been supporting Tollari in any way that they can, including visiting him in the hospital, wearing his player number 7 on their clothes and raising money for his treatment through GoFundMe.

The current goal on the GoFundMe is $4,000 with nearly one fourth of the goal already raised since yesterday. Click below to donate!

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  1. I think this is a WONDERFUL idea. Remember how much my shoulder rotator cuff operation cost?
    A bundle. Luckily my insurance paid. I want to know what the Address is to send cards to Anthony to cheer the family up.

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