VIDEO: Bernstine Presents Next Steps in Hereford Manor Project

Yesterday, State Rep. Aaron Bernstine discussed the Hereford Manor project with representatives of the PA Fish and Boat Commission.

Before Bernstine took office, the project was introduced to reopen the two lakes at Hereford Manor – previously Pennsylvania’s largest fishing property – after they were closed due to the dams questionable stability.

He presented financial and public interest information to the representatives, including a petition with over three thousand signatures in favor of reopening the fishing hot-spot.

The project is expected to cost upwards of 20 million dollars to complete, but with nearly $65,000 already saved up in private funds for the project, and with the first goal of $100,000 by the end of the year looking promising, Bernstine stated he is confident in the public and economical interest and growth of the project.

“You know nothing happens in this world, really, until somebody reaches into their pocket and they take out money or a credit card and they put it on the table – so people are putting their hard earned money towards this project,” he said.

He said the economical impact study of the project showed a 12.4 million dollar impact, and he believes due to the property’s location it provides an opportunity for further growth in the community.

“That’s a lot of money for an area, especially such as ours in the 10th district… One of the things that is also fantastic is Zelinople Airport is directly across the street… Because of that now, just across the street they have public utilities so opportunities for camping grounds, opportunities for hotels, opportunities for stores are now there, where before, there wasn’t an opportunity to have that in the Hereford Manor area.”

He stated that he wants the public to have realistic expectations for the reopening of the property; the project is making baby-steps of progression at the moment and it is unlikely the property will be restored exactly to how it once was.

View the full discussion below or on Aaron Bernstine’s official Facebook page.

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