Residents Cautioned about Non-Official Third-Party Bill Pay Site

While many Borough of Ellwood City residents should soon be receiving their May utility bills, they are urged to be aware that a third-party website is appearing in search results for “Ellwood City online bill pay”.

When any variation of “Ellwood City online bill pay” is typed into a search engine, a clickable link comes up just a few links below the actual Ellwood City Borough online bill pay website, which is currently still suspended for updates.

The third party bill pay site URL is  While is a legitimate third-party bill payment service, similar to online bill payment services that one may receive through their bank, it is not under any sort of contract with the Borough of Ellwood City.  The company simply processes a payment and sends a check to the borough on the user’s behalf, usually for a fee.  This may leave customers confused, and sometimes, with late fees because their payments don’t arrive on time.

Doxo is active in many communities across the country, receiving mixed reviews.  Several news reports can be found here.

The Borough offices will remain closed today for Flag Day, any discrepancies should be brought to their attention Thursday morning. If you have used the site you should check your payment receipt from doxo to ensure that the payment will be delivered before the due date on your bill.


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