Ellwood City Homeowners Reminded to Follow Property Standards

A press release was issued by the Borough office to remind residents that failure to comply with the minimum property standards could result in citations for code violation.

According to the release, residents are required by ordinance to follow the minimum standards:

•Keep grass and weeds under six inches.

•Maintain exterior property in safe and clean condition, free from rodents, garbage, debris and rubbish.

•Keep accessory structures such as garages, fences and walls, in good repair.

•Move inoperative, unlicensed or disassembled vehicles off their property.

•Keep swimming pools clean and in good repair.

•Dispose of rubbish and garbage before it accumulates.

•Post addresses using 3-inch characters which are visible at all times.

Violators can be fined. To report a violation, call the borough offices at (724) 758-7777.

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  1. The Boro wants you to keep your grass cut,what about theirs. They own property all around me an they never cut it. Last year made several calls and finally somebody came

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