Open Street Event to Celebrate Phase One of Bike Route

Updated: 5/19 at 8am: The Ellwood City Kitchen Cabinet is excited to be hosting an Open Street Event in celebration of the completion of Ellwood City’s new bike route.

After several Kitchen Cabinet members proposed and planned the bike route for well over a year, the first portion of the project is finally getting its finishing touches this week.

“With the ongoing extensive planning and cooperation among the committee members, state, county and borough, the bike lanes are set to be painted on the road this week,” Dave McQuaid, one of the main committee members directing the project stated.

Phase one will connect Circle Playground to Ewing Park with a designated route for those with bikes to utilize without the bother of sidewalk or road traffic.

“The bike lane will be an opportunity for people to see the town in a different perspective – without traffic. The project as a whole will hopefully aid in the development of recreational activities in Ellwood City,” Earla Marshal, a member of the Kitchen Cabinet stated.

The completion of phase one is just the first of at least three. The ultimate goal of the bike route is to connect all the local parks, schools, and downtown attractions in Ellwood to create a path for bikers and families to safely get around with.

McQuaid remains hopeful that as long as things go as planned the following phases will not be far behind.

The Open Street Event will be held on Saturday, May 20 from 9a.m. to 12p.m. on Lawrence Ave. and Fifth Street and will include a wide array of entertainment including these buskers and charitable organizations:


  • Once Voice band
  • D Major trio
  • Richard Tomak (accordion)
  • Rectenwald Family
  • TJ Hill – magician
  • Spencer McNeill – Sax

*Buskers will have a tip jar*

Charitable organizations:

  • Remnant Sons
  • Girl Scouts Troop #1616
  • LHS STEM program
  • Kitchen Cabinet

Streets will be closed for the event.


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  1. Wow I hope the bikers don’t go past McDonalds and hit that BIG ditch that’s been across the road for years, not to mention all the pot holes around town.

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