Rep. Aaron Bernstine Endorses Mayoral Candidates

Today, State Representative Aaron Bernstine formally endorsed incumbent mayoral candidates Anthony Court of Ellwood City and George Quay of Beaver Falls.  Both Court and Quay will be on the Democratic ballot in the primary election to be held on May 16th.  Both mayors are also seeking write-in votes to secure positions on the Republican ticket for the general election in November.

Representative Bernstine touted Mayor Courts’ integrity and commitment to marketing Ellwood City to employers.  “Immediately after I took office, Mayor Court contacted me to express his support of my plan to bring new jobs to Ellwood City.  He is a man with high integrity who works tirelessly for his residents, and I am proud to partner with him to lean forward and bring new, high-paying jobs to the good people of Ellwood City.”

Representative Bernstine also highlighted the work Mayor Quay has done in Beaver Falls to attract new businesses.  “Mayor Quay and I are working together, reaching out to prospective employers and encouraging them to consider Beaver Falls for their businesses.  In fact, the major development project that was recently announced is primarily due to Mayor Quay’s leadership, and it alone will bring hundreds of jobs to the city.  I’m very excited to continue working with Mayor Quay, to build on the strong economic foundation he has established for Beaver Falls.”

While both mayors are registered Democrats, Rep. Bernstine stated that positive results are more important than party affiliation. “My focus has always been on “good government”, regardless of party affiliation.  Mayor Court, Mayor Quay and I are all committed to acting on the most important thing I promised during my campaign: to bring great jobs and opportunities to our communities.  Working across party lines to achieve a common goal is the way our government is supposed to work.  I’m endorsing Mayor Anthony Court and Mayor George Quay because they understand that working together to serve our constituents should be our top priority”.

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  1. I lost a lot of respect for Bernie yesterday when himself and bryan bush used that lady and her child at the press conference they held for their own personal gain. It just so happens that the lady and her son are tenants of bushy and I can almost bet she did not want to partake in this conference but was rather pushed by the electric duo. Bernstine has simply caused more divided in ellwood and his approach to all of this is not the right way to go about things. He loves the spotlight and to see himself on the tv or facebook. I also have to question his character being that he surround himself with many disrespectful citizens. Ones that harass women and others that bash our police officers all over social media. I suggest Bernie figure out if he is for the people of ellwood or if he is working only for his friend bushy!

    If you think bushy is out for the good if ellwood you are wrong, he happens to also sell electric for a company call ambit energy so this would only benefit his pockets. He also seemed a little tounge tied yesterday but is quite vocal on facebook!

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