Ellwood City Bald Eagles Return to Nest

A walk to the natural trail at Rodger’s Park yesterday confirmed the eagles of Ellwood City have again returned to their nest to raise this years hatchlings!

Along the banks of the Connoquenessing Creek in Wayne Township is a family of bald eagles. Every year, since 2010, the couple has returned to the same nest to raise eaglets.

To find the nest, drive to Rodger’s Park in Ellport, colloquially referred to as “The Hole,” and walk down the nature trail toward the Connoquenessing and several islands. The nest is across the creek in Wayne Township, northwest of Lundy’s Lane.

Submit us your eagle photos and videos at ecstaff@ellwoodcity.org. Bonus to those who find both parents or get shots of the eaglets once they’re big enough to pop above the nest.

Remember to keep your distance from the nest, fines can be warranted for being too close.

Photos provided by Shannon McClymonds

Click here to view last years submitted video of the eagles in flight.

About Bald Eagle Nesting

Bald Eagles mate for life and return to the same nest as long as conditions are favorable. On average, bald eagle nests are four to five feet in diameter and two to four feet deep. Eagles use the same nest every year until it grows too large for the tree to support.

In Pennsylvania, eagles will typically lay their eggs in March, and the average clutch is one to three eggs. Both parents share incubating duties, although the female usually spends more time on the nest. Incubation lasts about 35 days.

Juvenile eagles fledge (take first flight) after 10-12 weeks. However, an eagle is not fully mature and ready to find a partner until four to five years of age. Once this occurs, they will find a nesting territory of their own and start the cycle anew.

Source: National Eagle Center

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