BREAKING: Fire Alarm Issue, Lincoln Students Sent Home Early

Lincoln High students are being sent home early today due to a fire alarm issue, the official statement is below:

School Superintendent Joe Mancini stated:

“During a routine monthly fire drill at Lincoln, it was discovered that half of the alarms, pulls and detectors were not functioning properly.  The alarm company was notified and sent a supervisor.  During his research, a short was discovered in the system for a certain area of the building.  Locating the short in the system could take some time without technicians.  It was decided at this time to close Lincoln for safety reasons.  At 11:30, all students and staff were sent home.  Technicians were contacted, but it was not determined if any could make it since many work overnight at other facilities.  All other buildings were not affected by the system malfunction.  All elementary buildings will have normal dismissals and lunches will be served.  No lunches were served at Lincoln due to the timing of the dismissal.  Until the District finds out further information, Lincoln will be closed and all after school activities are cancelled.”

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  1. That’s just great and how long has this been going on.

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