2017-2018 United Fund Campaign

The Ellwood City United Fund wants to thank everyone on the following list that has very generously provided funds to their annual fund drive.

Goal – $50,000.00 Raised – $42,231.00


The Ellwood City area United Fund is closing its 2017-2018 campaign coming up $ 7769.00 short of its goal of $ 50,000.00. The United Fund released its final disbursement for the year 2017 to all agencies. It is hoped that the disbursement will carry the Agencies through the winter months. We are an independent local United Fund with absolutely no paid staff or administration. You can be assured that your donation stays here in Ellwood City. Join the growing list of supporters and help “KEEP US COVERED” for the future:

Lori Dunham                    Doc Barsoti                         Petes Uptown Beer distribution

Lynn Campbell                 John Conway                      Stonecrest Golf Course

Fox Run Golf Course       Delmar Golf Course            Loccisano’s Super Market

Market on Main                People in need                    Ellwood Family Center

Nancy Brandt                    Karen Williams                  John & Carol Todorich

Emrika Coccia                  Connie MacDonald             Brad & Lisa Ovial

Dennis Partridge               Leymarie/Clark/Long         Ed & Cynthia Leymarie

Veronica Pacella              Sharon Hodge                      Kevin & Marylee Green

Karen Ries                       Umbrella Roofing                 Andy & Judy Kindle

Lutz/Myers                       Patricia Seaburn                   Ray & LuAnn Santillo

Gerald Crowley                Beth Wyszomierski              Rochester/Beaver Lions Club

Dr. Martin Marion           Louise Carroll                       Lutz/Briggs/Schultz & Ast.

Joseph A Tomon Jr.         Samuel Mullin                      Air Physical Therapy

Lennore Bazzichi             Doug Cosgrove                     EGI-(Ellwood City Forge)

Micheal Neupauer           Carole Miller                         Blanche Novak

Mary S. Hoffman                Kathy T. Blank                     Gary & Ellen Jackson

James W. Houk                                                             John & Elaine Van Gord

Ken & Lois Leibendorfer      Fred & Donna Schry        Dr. A. R. DiBiagio

Judith & Michael Garvin      Velma Bellisimo              Andrew & Mildred Petrella

Marshall Funeral Home        S. Jean Hogue                  Al & Carole Dainton

Hungarian Home                  Jerry Cartwright               Frank & Carolyn McElwain

Robt & Deborah Sudano      Carol Haswell                  Michael & Janice Loccisano

Tim & Mary Post                  Al & Jane Kocher           Suzanne Krueger

John DiLeonardo                  Wm & Georgie Nagel      David & Sandra Blank

Uneeda Tire Company          Rotary Club                     McElwain Motors

Good Wheeels Company      W. D. Wright Cont          Pitt Race

Shook Specialty Welding

James & Theresa Palagallo     Ray & Lorena Dombeck  Gus & Grace Fornataro

Christine Locke                      Thomas Newton               Robert Horton

Tom & Theresa Krukenberg   Frank Fotia                      Gregory Fox

Riverside Lions club               Sue & Jim Westlund        Bill & Beverly Rutter

Anonymous                             Jim Capone                      IBEW #712

  1. r. Oliastro                            Keri & Sheri Smith         W.Ryan Kegel

Jan Williams                            Virginia Brest                  Carole Kinney

Sandra Bellian                         RoseMarie Stasick           Leona & Richa Weaver

Thomas Newton                       Dr.Charles Marion          S. Jean Hogue

Keystone Bar(tinar Inc)

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