United Fund Well Short of Fundraising Goal

ELLWOOD CITY — The Ellwood City United Fund has entered its final month of fundraising, fundraising chairman Chip Campbell fears that this years goal may go unmet.

The local United Fund organization has been collecting donations since October 2017 with the money raised benefiting and supporting the efforts of the eight (8) agencies that serve the Ellwood City area and beyond.

Though donations are being accepted until January 31, 2018, as of now, the organization is looking to come up $9,224.00 short of its goal of $ 50,000.00.
This year’s fund will benefit the following eight (8) agencies: People-in-need, LARK Enterprises, City Rescue Mission, Ellwood City Public Library, Ellwood Family Center, Ellwood Education Foundation, Human Service Center, and the Boy and Girl Scouts.

The concern of the board of directors is that a lack of funding will affect these agencies in how they serve the Ellwood City Area. In the past the manufacturing companies provided a great share of donations to the United Fund. That is not true now days, the manufacturers are not Ellwood City minded with their charitable giving, they are now connected to National Charity groups and to other cities.

Donations received are disbursed by an allocation committee, which decides what percentage each agency receives based on need and how they serve the community.

The annual concern for the United Fund board is how can the necessary funds be provided to the agencies when the campaign goal ($50,000.00) may not be met. Andy Kindle treasurer said, “it is a hardship all the way around. The board does not want to eliminate any agencies to create funds for those with the greatest needs.”

DONATIONS CAN BE SENT TO: Ellwood City United Fund, Post Office Box 174, Ellwood City, Pa. 16117

“All donations are tax deductible. We hope the community of Ellwood City will reconsider in making a donation or even a second donation,” Kindle said, “We help neighbors and friends in the Ellwood City area and it is very important to meet their needs.”

Submitted by: Andrew Kindle, Treasurer: Ellwood City United Fund

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