Bonus: Top Five Police Reports for 2017

Along with part one and two of our annual top-ten articles for the year series, we had a lot of views on our police reports this year so we decided to tally up the top five and do a bonus round:

Easter Sunday Shooter Suspected in Western Pennsylvania

Steven Stephens of Cleveland, Ohio, fled the state and entered Pennsylvania to flee from police after fatally shooting a pedestrian at random on Easter Sunday. Shortly after, Stephens’ body was found in his vehicle after he had committed suicide.

Attempted Robbery at Lawrence Ave. Wesbanco

The suspect, who is still at large, attempted to rob the bank at WesBanco in August, but was unsuccessful.

Ellwood City Man Facing Child Pornography Charges

Lucas Klobetanz, 40, was state-investigated and charged in 2015 after he admittedly stalked Amish children in Lawrence and Mercer County in an attempt to lure them into outhouses near Amish school grounds. He has since been sentenced for his crimes.

Flagger Assaulted on Fifth Street Bridge

On Sept. 11 a flagger was assaulted while working in the construction zone on the Fifth Street Bridge in the early afternoon.

Woman Facing Charges of Child Endangerment After Injuring Infant

A resident of Freed’s Trailer Park in New Galilee, 24 year-old Courtney Marie Jeffries, was facing charges of simple assault and endangering the welfare of children, proceeding an incident that occurred earlier this year involving her three month old daughter. The daughter of Jeffries was taken to the Ellwood City Hospital with an injury to the child’s right arm.

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