Lawrence Avenue Developer Seeks Potential Businesses

The area of 509 to 515 Lawrence Avenue has been awarded to Lutz & Myers Inc. for redeveloping, and now Ron Lutz says the next step for developing is finding potential businesses.

Lutz & Myers will be relying on the help of potential businesses to decide on which blueprint design they will choose for construction since they have several possible blueprints drawn up for the area.

The blueprints contain anywhere between 3 to 8 businesses – each one catered to different needs of potential businesses.

“Depending on the amount of space needed, per each potential business, will be the deciding factor on the blueprint design we choose. For instance, a restaurant may need more space than a salon, and we would cater to that need,” Lutz said.

While the company isn’t quite sure which blueprint design they will choose yet, they do know they have some strict rules to follow while constructing.

Council revised the Borough Code in 2015, stating that all first floor buildings on the main street must be retail businesses using less than 2,500 sqft in total and the storefronts must fit into the predominate downtown theme. Lutz & Myers will be following Ellwood City’s C-3 Downtown Section Two code rules for constructing the buildings, which consists of about 20 different rules and they will not be constructing any 2-story buildings during the project.

The company has already made up their mind to sell the properties after construction.

“After we construct the buildings we will sell them to the businesses as opposed to leasing them, that way the new owners can have a much less monthly cost than they would if they rented,” Lutz stated.

Former Councilman Brad Ovial stressed that though there may be parking spaces added behind the businesses for employee use, the lots will “absolutely not be turned into parking lots.”

Lutz & Myers must start construction within two years.

Anyone interested in speaking with Ron Lutz about business plans may call 724-758-5455 or e-mail him at

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