Old Photo Friday: 1989 Snowy Ellwood City

This week’s Old Photo Friday theme is snowy Ellwood City in 1989.

The date the photos were taken is listed as 12/15. These photos bring back a lot of memories for us here at the office, if they do the same for you please feel free to tell us below or on Facebook!

We hope these photos get you in the holiday spirit, and we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

Photos provided by the Ellwood City Historical Society

2 Comments on "Old Photo Friday: 1989 Snowy Ellwood City"

  1. yes, the photos do bring back a lot of memories. I always miss Ellwood City the most at Christmas time. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES. I still love EC.

  2. Damian Lombardi | December 24, 2017 at 8:02 pm | Reply

    Excellent memories. The second photo from the left is Orchard Avenue. I have been in North Carolina for over 25 years and miss the snow around Christmastime. My wife is a Southerner and said she wishes we had snow around Christmas time. We did have a snow flurries on Saturday, December 9th during a Christmas party at our house which was very unusual but a pleasant surprise. Merry Christmas to everyone in my old hometown of Ellwood City!

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