Moisture Issue at North Side Primary

While the Ellwood City School District works to flush excess lead from some of the taps at each of the schools, they are also working to fix a moisture problem at North Side Primary.

The official press release from the district states this fall the district became aware of a moisture issue at North Side.

In response, the District hired a company to test moisture and air quality on three separate occasions in three rooms in the basement of the building.

The first and second floors were not affected. The District implemented the recommendations made as a result of the testing, along with other measures, to mitigate the moisture.

According to the last test taken in November, the air quality is at normal levels.

The district will continue to monitor these rooms throughout the year. Staff and student safety is always a primary consideration.

The long-term solution to the moisture will be addressed this summer with a project to divert water away from the building.

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