Lead Analytical Results Show Exceedance at Ellwood City Schools

According to the official results of the first round of the Ellwood City Area School District Lead Sampling and Analytical Results in Water, each of the schools has at least one fountain containing an excess of lead in the water.

At Perry Elementary, eight out of the 21 total tested water sources showed an exceedance of USEPA Action Level (0.015 mg/L).

Northside Elementary had two water sources that tested over the standard amount, and Hartman had one.

Lincoln High School had seven that tested over the exceedance and the stadium had three out of the total four show exceedance.

The results can be viewed on the school district’s website here.

The school had sent out a letter to the parents regarding the testing and precautionary measures the school is taking while finding a solution to the problem. The official letter can be viewed here.

We are waiting to hear back from the school district’s superintendent for more updates.

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