Bizarre Post Appears on Local Craigslist Pet Classifieds

A post, which has been shared in several local pet advocacy groups in the local area has many pet-parents concerned.

The post, which was published on the Akron-Canton Ohio area pets community by an anonymous poster, is below along with more information.

Craigslist is a web platform where users can anonymously post in the forums and classifieds to keep their identities safe while connecting with the community; unfortunately some people take advantage of the lax site-moderation, resulting in offensive and alarming posts like this.

The post has since been taken down, most likely because it was flagged by users as offensive, but it’s not being forgotten – as it has been making its rounds on Facebook.

Whether it’s fact or fiction , Everyone needs to Be Aware and Not take their eyes off their dogs /cats when they are Outside ( leashed , fenced or roaming as Bad Things can Happen to the Pet,” a Facebook user of the group Lawrence County Animal Helpers replied on the Facebook post.

While some people believe there is someone sick enough to do this, others think the post was sarcastic.

I think it’s just someone trying to sarcastically make a point that dogs need to be watched at all times,” another Facebook user’s comment reads.

Although there has been no proof of this poster, or anyone in the local area actually doing exactly this, it’s not something that is uncommon.

Dog theft (and animal theft in general) has been on the rise, according to Animal Wellness Magazine. Just this past week in Youngstown Ohio, a family had their pit bull puppies stolen from their home, some of which were later listed for sale on Facebook.

Regardless if the post is true or not, it’s better to be safe than sorry and always keep an eye on your pets and implement security measures to avoid such situations.

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