Criminal Complaints: Ellwood City Man Facing Felony Theft Charges

Ellwood City Man Facing Felony Theft Charges

James Allen Sawyers, 26, of Ellwood City, is facing one felony count of theft by unlawful taking and one felony count of receiving stolen property after stealing a jewelry box full of miscellaneous jewelry from a local household.

According to the complaint, the resident of the household was unwell for several months and had to have caregivers in and out of the residence often.

The homeowner had noticed the jewelry box missing after one of the caregivers had brought their son, who would sometimes cut the grass of the property until his services were dismissed.

Investigation revealed that Sawyers had pawned several of the stolen items to local pawn shops over several months.


Son Facing Charges for Breaking Mother’s Window

Erik James Sobel, 22, of Cranberry Township, is facing a criminal mischief (damage of property) charge after his mother reported he had thrown a large rock through one of her home’s windows.

According to the complaint, Sobel had gotten into an argument with his mother while at her house and as he was leaving he broke the window.

Sobel was given several months to resolve the situation and pay for the damages ($700.00), but failed to do so.



Christian David Surma, 24, of Ellwood City, is facing DUI charges along with other traffic and vehicle violations after being stopped by an officer earlier this month.

The officer noticed Surma’s erratic driving and pulled him over. There was a strong smell of alcohol emanating from his breath and the officer requested a sobriety exam.

Surma agreed to a blood test, resulting in a blood alcohol concentration reading of .302%.


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