Final Meet the Candidate Night

Updated – 11/2/2017 9a.m.

Tomorrow evening, November 2, is the final Meet the Candidate night for this election hosted by the Ellwood City Kitchen Cabinet, voting for positions on both School Board and Borough Council is scheduled for November 7.

There are four seats up for election for both of the committees.

School Board member Matthew Morella and Councilman Brad Ovial are not seeking reelection.

Current School Board members, Kathy Pansera, Renee Pitrelli and Anthony Buzelli are hoping to be reelected. Councilwoman Michele Lamenza is also seeking reelection.

Councilmen David DeCaria and Connie MacDonald were running for reelection, however will not on the ballot this week as they lost in the primaries.

The previous Meet the Candidate Night recaps can be viewed here: School BoardCouncil.

Council Candidates:                                          School Board Candidates:

Michele Lamenza                                                      Norm Boots

Caleb Cragle                                                                Renee Pitrelli

John Pansera                                                               Kathleen Pansera

James Barry                                                                 Barbara Wilson

John Cress                                                                   Anthony Buzelli

Lisa Guerrera                                                             Kathy McCommons

Brandon Fisher

Rob Brough

To view the final meeting recap, click here.

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