Corona D’italia Lodge #807 October Meeting

Corona D’italia Lodge #807 held their Columbus Day Dinner on Saturday, October 07, 2:00 PM at the Wolverine Restaurant. Arriving guests were registered by Treasurer, Louise Vitullo and her member, daughter, Patty Kuhn.

Trustee, Pudue LaCava, directed seating for the sit down dinner. Orator, Valerie Valentino, assisted by Historian, Mary Jane Folino, presented each person in attendance with a gift wrapped ToDo List with pen. Mistress of Ceremony, Mary Quintanilla, welcomed the attendees and spoke on the accomplishments of Christopher Columbus, expressing appreciation for our Italian Heritage and this celebration. She recognized, President, Clemmy Sirimarco,who also expressed gratitude for this day’s celebration. Quintanilla ‘photographed all in attendance as Sirimarco thanked all the officers who also served as the committee for the dinner.

A special welcome was extended to Margaret Cancelli on her joining the Lodge. Trustee, Patty Regna, voiced a prayerful memorial in honor of all living
and deceased members, families, and all military personnel. Dinners of stuffed pork chop or stuffed chicken with sides, was served by the staff. Dessert of Italian pastries was enjoyed as Kuhn, assisted by Delegate, Esther Santilo conducted a 50/50 raffle that was won by Regna. Secretary, Jackie Perno, honored Vitullo for holding the longest membership, presently, and Sirimarco for her presidency, with gifts of tote bags. They responded with their sincere appreciation. Co-Chairman, Valentino, provided 1 more information regarding the 100th Lodge Anniversary dinner to be held on December 02. Details and reservation forms will be mailed to all members.

Socializing concluded the affair with the reminder of the next monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 08, 5:00PM at Pizza Joe’s.

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