Motion Approved: T&M to Regrade Ebony Way

The owners of T&M Hardware have had dreams of expanding the store for nearly two decades and finally, over the past year, they have been making the dream a reality.

Earlier this year the owners finished razing the properties next to the store to make room for expansions. Now, after much careful planning and due diligence, they are nearly ready to start construction.

The owners plan on using the empty lot to expand the shop an estimated amount of 5,000 square feet, using the additional lot space for a larger parking lot.

At Monday’s council meeting, store owner Tim Post accompanied a representative of the business to provide council with documentation and answers to any questions regarding a motion they needed to have approved before proceeding with construction.

The motion reads: Re-grading of Ebony Way – A motion would be in order to approve the request by T&M Hardware to re-grade Ebony Way between Fountain Avenue and the intersection with Apple Way located in the Third Ward as show on the drawing by Lutz & Myers dated 9/18/17. T&M Hardware will be required to repave the road in accordance with Borough specifications. The road will be inspected by the appropriate Borough officials before and after paving. Any reasonable costs associated with the inspections will be paid by T&M Hardware.

In order to complete the lot paving, they will need to expand into Ebony Way to avoid an otherwise unavoidable three-foot drop at the edge of the parking lot.

“We could put up a guardrail, however we don’t want to put customers in any sort of compromising positions that may become of having a three-foot drop from the parking lot,” the representative said during the council meeting.

Following discussion about the motion, council unanimously approved it with Councilman Brad Ovial expressing his gratitude towards the situation.

“I just wanted to thank you [the owners of T&M] for expanding and growing your business in Ellwood. It’s a good thing to see.”

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