Ellwood City Social Service Organization Asks for Extra $1,000 Donation by Borough

The Holy Redeemer Ministerial Social Service Organization is asking council to approve a donation for their Energy Fund in the amount of $4,000 – $1,000 more than the original requested amount, paid for by the Borough’s general fund.

The motion was discussed Monday evening at the council meeting and has been approved for the $3,000 donation but is pending approval for the requested $1,000 extra.

Despite Borough Manager Bob Villella stating any extra money is usually already allocated, Council President Connie MacDonald believes council can work something out.

“It [the extra money requested] is something that we should be able to scrape up,” MacDonald stated during the meeting.

The Holy Redeemer Social Services provide direct service, identify community need, and resources to provide tangible assistance to those individuals and families who have difficulties because of low incomes or an unexpected emergency.

While the organization is mainly funded by Holy Redeemer Parish, they rely on donations from other sources to help with expenses.

It is not known at this time if the Borough will be able to provide the added amount in full or not.

For information on donating to the organization or for more information on the organization, you can visit their website here.

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