Area Residents Warned to Stay Alert to Scammers

According to other news sources, a home in Shenango Township was robbed during what appeared to be a burglary scam.

Reports state that last Thursday a man, described as a skinny white male with acne, driving a black SUV, went to the victim’s home in the area of Old Butler Road claiming to be an electric company worker.

The victim asked the man for credentials that the man failed to provide, but he was still able to convince the victim to allow him access into the backyard to conduct a survey.

During this time police believe a second person was able to gain access to the inside of the home, stealing a safe.

Residents in the area are urged to be alert to scammers and anyone soliciting door-to-door in the township is required to provide the police department with their personal information beforehand.

Anyone with any information or suspicion regarding a stranger’s intentions is asked to call 911 with as much physical information about the person and the vehicle involved.

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