Dayspring Gifts to Host Local Artist Art Show

Dayspring Gifts on 6th will be hosting an art show in early November featuring a variety of artwork from four local young artists.

The theme is “Renew and Revive” to compliment the ongoing Ellwood City Revitalization projects and dually the age of the entrants.

Jan Keenan, the store owner of Daysprings and art enthusiast said hosting art galleries at the location is one of her favorite hobbies.

“We hosted an art show to raise money for the Ellwood City coloring books – and it was a hit,” she stated. “We raised hundreds of dollars which paid for the majority of the books.”

More recently, the gift shop hosted a gallery for one individual local artist to showcase her work; however, this time Jan wanted to change the theme up a bit – she wants to showcase several young and upcoming artists in the area to help get their name out there.

“The appreciation of art seems to be fading and it can be discouraging for a young artists starting out. I want to show the younger generation that they can do it, that people do care about their art.”

While the final details of the event are yet to be finalized this week, we do know it will be hosted in the Ministry area of the Dayspring building and will consist of a total of four local artist’s work.

Keenan hopes to have poetry reading one night, if anyone is interested in entering their poetry, contact her at 724-752-1512. Entries are open to the public and spots are limited.

More information will be announced this week.

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