Real Estate Transactions for September 2017

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for September, 2017:

Ellwood City
 713 Skyline Dr; Kristine and Joshua Novak to David Ogborne and Lisa Martin for $143,500.
315 Pittsburgh Circle; Jonathan and Shaelin Patrick and Timothy and Susan Zelinka to William and Jane Focht $114,900.
410 Crescent Ave; Susan Mikos and Pamela Kriss and Robin and Brian Gibson to Douglas Meskel for $44,000.
718 Park Ave; Gerald and Crystal Toczek to Kimberly White Mohar for $123,000.
536 1st Ave; Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association to Gerald Hulick for $27,000.
701 Pershin St; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Make Properties LLC for $55,000.
129 Line Ave; RESI Reo Sub LLC to Linda and Gerald McQuiston for $31,000.
133 Thalmann Lane; Bruce Thalmann to Matthew Blinn for $100,000.
North Beaver Township
 1296 Mt. Jackson Rd; Jodi Hopper, David and Jennifer Thompson, Robert Hopper, and Deborah and Melvin Replogle to Gina Szegho for $99,500.
127 Hickory View Dr; Rosemarie Presnar to Raymond and Carol Marangoni for $140,000.
195 Fullerton Rd; Kenneth and Marcyann Wilson to Gary and Joanna Orlando for $175,000.
2109 Mt. Jackson Rd; Frank and Donna Parry to Gerianne Klepfer for $275,030.
Perry Township
308 Lookout Ave; Nancy Johns to John Caccia for $93,000.
253 Studebaker Rd; Sean and Danielle Berglund to Brandon and Alexandra Fiscus for $188,000.
1045 Stickle Rd; John Beachem to Michael Leckwart and John and Joseph Beatty for $200,000.
Shenango Township
 2331 Martha St; Karen and Richard Knight to Eric Knight for $120,050.
1005 Service St; Paul and Margaret McKinley to Epiphany Gray for $106,000.
88 Reno Lane; Anges Ayersman Estate to Bald Eagle Development Co LLC for $175,000.
2168 Frew Mill Rd; Edwin and Betty Crawford to Kenneth Mason and Aimee Nail for $138,400.
417 Karon Dr; John and Marsha Park to Sharyn Webb and Christopher Spellick for $288,400.
3447 Ellwood Rd; William and Kathleen Foster to John and Jami Kubit for $239,900.
2044 Savannah Rd; Darrell and Cynthia Spiker to Jospeh Tramontana III for $159,900.
509 Shenango Park Dr; Kenneth and Robin McCown to James Pelletier Jr for $170,500.
4247 Hollow Rd; Secretary of Housing Development to Melanie Ann Zona for $36,400.
515 Rose Stio Rd; Travis and Dnel Moser to Dennis and Jennifer Shields for $93,000.
741 Shenango Stop Rd; Stanley and Carol Golis to Kenneth Caravella Jr. for $147,000.
1815 Old Butler Rd; Joseph and Jennifer Scarfone to Colin and Erin Zedreck for $412,000.
3730 Ellwood Rd; Merle Reed EST to D4 Investment Properties LLC for $45,000.
Slippery Rock Township
 3145 Frew Mill Rd; Mortgage Equity to Justin Reid and Cassie Maillette for $95,000.
2640 Fairview School Rd; Charles and Cindy Myers to Michael Dickey for $198,000.
Wampum Borough
416 Beaver St; James and Sandra Dick to Jacqueline Devite for $10,000.
Wayne Township
1106 Sunset Blvd; Camerion Marburger to William and Kelly Lytton for $165,000.
1622 W. Lawrence Ave; Paul Honneffer to Jason Sobel to $15,000.
1122 Oswald St; Sam and Catherine Procopio to Dino and Debra Procopio for $90,000.
49 Spring Ave Ext; Samuel Lloyd Lample Est to Frank Lample, Catherine Brown, and Cindy Neely for $25,000.

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