Old Photo Friday: Ellwood Celebrates 95th Birthday with 95ft Cake

Thanks to the courtesy of the Ellwood City Historical Society, they have provided us with a box full of old photos that we will now be using for Old Photo Friday!

Today’s feature is the 95ft cake served on Lawrence Avenue in 1987 for the town’s 95th birthday celebration. Check out the photo below:

The 95ft cake was formed by 112 9×13 individual cakes that were donated by area organizations and individuals.

This weekend we will be celebrating Ellwood’s 125th birthday, unfortunately there will not be a 125ft cake but the Historical Society will be having cake and tea in honor of the birthday so make sure to stop in, grab some cake and some free old original photos!

There are tables of old photos at the society that are free for the taking, get there before they’re gone!

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