Sick Puppy Given Away with Dog Crate

Gentle Ben’s Giant Breed Rescue, a dog rescue in Zelienople, recently acquired a very unhealthy 11 week old puppy who was given away with a dog crate that was being sold.

“Kelly, a very good friend mine, saw this sweet boy on some type of farm ad where the owner was selling a crate and said a puppy came with it. The ad indicated the puppy was a Fila Brasilerio, which is a type of mastiff. Kelly immediately contacted the owner and said she would take the puppy,” the rescue’s Facebook post states. ” Little did we know what was ahead.”

The puppy, now named Harley, weighs only 11lbs and was clearly very sick.

Harley at the vets/Facebook photo

He was taken to the emergency vet around 11p.m. last Friday night, he was tested for Parvo, given chest x-rays, blood work was taken, and he was given subcutaneous fluids but the vets were unsure what was wrong with him.

Kelly brought him back to her home knowing he was coming to Gentle Ben’s the next morning. When she arrived at my house on Saturday morning, I opened up her car door and saw Harley for the first time. He was so skinny and so weak, he couldn’t even lift up his head.

Harley was taken back to the emergency vet where they did more tests, started him on IV fluids, and administered antibiotics. The vet also stated she could hear a heart murmur and requested Harley to see a cardiologist.

We asked if we could go back to see him before we left and they said absolutely. When we went back we couldn’t believe what we saw. The little stinker was sitting up barking. It brought both of us to tears seeing him act like a puppy for the first time.”

Harley’s blood work came back severely abnormal, suggesting he has liver shunts, leaving ammonia no where to escape and as a result is building up in his system causing most of his problems.

Harley’s several medications/ Facebook photo

Harley is now on several medications to help but will eventually require surgery to remove the shunts, which can cost upwards of $10,000.

The rescue has already applied for a grant to help with the cost but Harley’s vet bills are already well over $2,500 dollars.

Harley needs everyone’s help in order to get better.

To help the rescue with the costs, there is a support/donate button on the Facebook page and also on the rescues website at

A check could also be made out to Gentle Ben’s and mailed to P.O. Box 533, Zelienople, PA 16063.

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