Police Reports: Flagger Assaulted on Fifth Street Bridge

Flagger Assaulted on Fifth Street Bridge

According to the police report, on Sept. 11 a flagger was assaulted while working in the construction zone on the Fifth Street Bridge in the early afternoon. Officers were advised of an incident that was occurring at the south end of the bridge. A vehicle was parked, blocking the roadway with the driver and passenger side doors open, resulting in a heavy traffic build up and students unable to cross the road. Several people were yelling at each other and once patrol was able to calm the situation they conducted interviews with witnesses to find out what had happened. According to the witness, the flagger was crossing children at Glen Ave., when the driver of the vehicle, identified as Alexis Moffatt, 25, of Ellwood City, attempted to drive around the victim but was stopped and the victim advised her to back the car up. Words were exchanged between the driver and flagger, which prompted Moffatt to exit her vehicle and begin a physical altercation by punching the flagger. Passenger Laurie Duncan, 54, of Wampum, also exited the vehicle and struck the victim. Both women were cited with disorderly conduct and harassment.


Grenade Found in Basement

According to the police report, on Sept. 11 officers were dispatched to a home on Hazel Ave., for a grenade found in the basement. The caller stated she was cleaning out the absement and found the grenade. Officers checked the suspected grenade and confirmed it was a flash-bang used by police to conduct house raids. Officers took the grenade and disposed of it.


Infant Child Found Outside Crying

According to the police report, on Sept., 1, officers were dispatched to a Todd Ave. residence in response to a neighbor calling to report an unsupervised infant who was crying outside. The caller and his daughter stayed with the boy until officers arrived. Officers were able to identify the child as being the son of the residence owner. Officers knocked on the door several times with no response, the door was unlocked and officers yelled inside multiple times but it appeared no one was home. Eventually officers were able to wake the sleeping sister, who was supposed to be watching her brother, by announcing their presence. The 16 year old stated that while her mother was at work she was supposed to be watching the boy and she didn’t hear him get up. Officers notified the mother of what had happened and the boy was safely placed back in the care of his sister. The mother was advised that CYS may follow up with the case.

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