Real Estate Transactions for August 2017

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for August, 2017:
Ellport Borough
213 Mahoney Ave; Wells Fargo Bank to William Passerrello for $23,000.
113 Golf Ave; Mark and Tammy Mazzant to Christopher Dovidio and Ivy Frederick for $90,000.
219 Martin Ave; Edwin Price to Joseph and Michelle Pollio for $25,000.
105 Duncan Ave; US Bank National Association to Ted and Linda Kelosky for $24,000.


Ellwood City
1113 Center Ave; James R. Hammond to Cody D. McClean for $72,000.
721 Argonne Blvd; Shawn and Trisha Kuzmin to Tynan Hudson for $148,440.
115 Spring Ave; Justin McCandless to Joredan Grubbs and Michael Simoni for $128,000.
306 Wampum Ave; Matthew and Emilee Waldo to William and Kimberly Manross for $67,000.
1st Ave; William and Catherine Shuttleworth to Timothy Lathom for $127,000.
322 2nd St; Richard and Sally Youngker to Chad Leviere and Jennifer Cavanaugii for $46,750.
410 Adams Ave; Blake and Mira Franus to Douglas and Melissa Carr for $172,000.
329 Orchard Ave; Pamela Bleakney to Jonathan and Tiffany Milk for $148,000.
300 Patricia Dr; Maura Carney and Gary Paglia to Mary and Daniel Mulcahy for $134,900.
702 Plymouth Lane; Timothy and Della Stabry;a to Jodie Dugan for $180,000.
218 Franklin Ave; Carrinton Mortgage Trust to Christopher and Kaitlyn Babcock for $29,100.
310 Sims St; Nancy Jones, Angela Metz, Joanne Shumaker and Gene Lombardi to Tracy Ferguson for $75,000.

1109 Center Ave; Megan Pflug to James Keally for $55,500.


North Beaver Township
164 Andrews Trace; Mary Eichenlaub Trust to Nicholas and Leah Suders for $213,000.
413 Kathryn Dr; Bayview Servicing LLC to Pamela Jones and Shawn Million for $50,900.
1906 E. Poland Rd; Barbara Jean and Wes Osborne to Carlo and Kristen Dinardo for $25,000.
511 Mt. Jackson Rd; Daniel and Tracy Bucci to Jarden Castaldi for $23,500.


Shenango Township
2421 Ruth St; Victoria McHattie to Annemarie Jenkins for $89,000.
3533 Ellwood Rd; Wayne and Nancy Velte to US Bank National Association for $60,000.
1263 Old State Rd; Nicole and Michael Unrue to PA Housing Finance Agency for $25,000.
2431 Willowhurst Circle; Lori Pherson to Andrew Watson for $145,000.
1148 Brookshire Dr; David Stoner to US Bank National Association for $270,400.
631 Shenango Stop Rd; Oleksiy Zabetchuk to April Green and Ty Pryor for $129,500.
2667 Snake Run Rd; Janet and James Norge Jr to Paul and Samantha Schweikert for $529,857.
721 Harmony Baptist Rd; Rose and Matthew Callahan to Barbra Meteney for $109,900.
1112 Center Church Rd; Bayview Loan Servicing to Fortune Foreclosures for $25,000.
1112 Center Chirch Rd; Fortune Forecloures to IRA Services Trust for $85,000.
122 Baldwin Rd; Fae French to David Tresky for $124,900.
2652 Ellwood Rd; KBS Lawrence Village LLC to Home Plus Storage for $2,300,000.
1320 Union Valley Rd; Andrew Ferraro to Gregory Salatino for $250,000.


Slippery Rock Township
4263 US 422; Helene and Leo Wisbith to Kevin Mann for $50,000.
326 Maggie Lane; Kristy Wright to Pasture Maid Farm LLC for $425,000.



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  1. Anyone know what is moving into where Trader Horn was?

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