Katy’s Bakery Cookie Walk Extended to Two Weeks

For many Ellwoodians, the Christmas Cookie Walk has been a yearly Christmas tradition since the start of the event, growing in popularity each time. For this reason, Katy McGrath, the owner of Katy’s Bakery, decided it would be a good idea to extend the time the cookies are available from one day to two weeks.

“The Christmas Cookie Blitz is sort of a modified cookie walk – since it’s extended over a period of two weeks I imagine it won’t be as hectic and for those who can’t make it out because of the weather or their schedule, they’ll have more opportunity to come on a better day of their choice to get cookies now,” McGrath stated.

As opposed to having the two week period hosted at another venue like previous walks, a large assortment of the cookies will be available during business hours at the bakery.

Between December 12-16 and 19-23 and with nearly 50 different kinds of cookies to choose from as long as supplies last, customers will be able to fill a box with as many Christmas cookies as possible, and as long as the top of the box shuts they’ll be charged a flat rate, which has yet to be determined.

During the duration of the Blitz the bakery will be only selling cookies, which include lady locks, peanut butter balls, snow balls, sugar cookies, ethnic cookies, and many more all homemade by McGrath and her partners.

While the fine details of the event are still waiting to be announce, McGrath hopes to add more options for customers including different box sizes.

“Our typical box is an 8x8x4 and holds on average about three to four dozen cookies depending on their sizes. I’m hoping to implement a larger and smaller box option for customers who may want more or less cookies than the standard.”

McGrath remains positive about the expected outcome of the first year doing the two-week-Blitz.

“I believe the Blitz will be just as successful as the walks, the only difference is the success will be measured over a period of two weeks as opposed to one night,” McGrath said.

The bakery will be closed from December 5-9 to prepare for the Christmas Cookie Blitz.

To keep up with any further updates on the event, follow the bakery’s Facebook and event page!

Photos provided by Katy McGrath.


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