WXED to Air Live Wolverines Football Coverage

Ellwood City’s very own radio station, WXED, will now be airing the Wolverine’s home games live, hosted by their resident on-air personality, Troy Robert.

Robert, who is the current radio host of another show on WXED, Talking Sports With the Youngster and Old Man, has high expectations for the new addition.

“Although I’m not from Ellwood City, after working here I have learned how to tailor my content to the interest of the community, and one thing I learned is that Ellwood City loves local high school football.”

Troy Robert

After playing and coaching many sports throughout his life, Robert described himself as a “big sports nerd,” and so he decided to pair his love of broadcasting with his love of sports.

He graduated college with a Masters Degree in media journalism and shortly after started working on air, he has been broadcasting for a variety of shows for four years.

“Radio sparked my interest after a friend of mine told me I had a voice meant for radio – I made a YouTube video, listened to myself, and I thought I didn’t sound half-bad so I pursued radio broadcasting and the rest is history,” he said.

While the live coverage alone is exciting, Robert is planning on hosting at least one other show a week dedicated to the Wolverines called “The Wolverine Watch,” which will be a standalone show airing before the games and featuring interviews with the players and coaches.

Robert will be at the stadium tonight with Don Suhan; WXED sports director and host of ‚ÄúPraise the Lord,” broadcasting the first on-air play-by-play coverage of a Wolverines football game. Also working along side Robert and Suhan for the football season will be WXED staff member Tyler McCowin.

“The choice to broadcast Lincoln High School football games will allow the residents to support the team even if they can not attend the home games,” WXED’s official press release states.

Ellwood City’s match against Derry will be the only away game that will be broadcasted live.

To listen tonight, turn your radio to WXED 107.3FM. starting at 7p.m.

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  1. We did have some technical issues with our equipment and the sound quality at times was not good.Please be patient with us as we work out these issues. Remember on air live broadcasting is new to our radio station.

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