Living Treasures Showcases Baby Giraffe

Yesterday, Living Treasures Wild Animal Park updated their Facebook page with a lengthy post about the birth of their newest addition, a baby giraffe!

The giraffe, who has yet to be named, was born on Sunday, August 27th at 5:31 p.m., weighed in at 145lbs and stood 6’3 feet tall. He is the son of two other resident giraffes at the facility, Levi and Blue Jeans. Both Levi and Blue Jeans are five-year-old first time parents.

According to the Facebook post, labor began in the giraffe yard around 4:15 p.m. where many guests caught a glimpse of the baby’s hooves shortly after; the birthing process went extremely smoothly, with the baby being delivered on the rubber matted stall.

Blue Jeans is attentive to the baby but is still learning about nursing, which can be a challenge for a first-time mother of any kind. Due to this, she has been limiting his feeding – a minor issue that is being remedied by the carers of the facility.

“At about 15 hours old we did our first hands-on medical evaluation of the calf which allowed us to do bloodwork, take measurements, and fully assess the calf. His bloodwork showed that he was not yet getting enough milk from mom, and we made the decision to give him colostrum to help him continue to gain strength and immunity while working on nursing with his mom,” the Facebook post reads.

They are monitoring Blue Jeans and her calf around the clock to see if enough nursing is taking place and to keep them both as comfortable as possible.

“With his size and strength, we are all optimistic that he will remain healthy and work with Blue Jeans to settle her into longer nursing sessions.”

Keep an eye on the Living Treasures Facebook page to see when mom and baby will be in the viewing exhibit.

Photos from the Facebook post.

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