Ellwood City Man Smashes Front Window of Main Street Bar & Grill

Ellwood City Man Smashes Front Window of Main Street Bar & Grill

According to the criminal complaint, earlier this month police were called for a disturbance near the rear parking lot of Main Street Bar & Grill.

Michael David Pounds, 28, of Ellwood City, was among several people involved in an altercation, he appeared intoxicated, had a bloody lip and head, and had a large lump on his left cheek. He was yelling racial slurs and told police an African American male had pulled a gun on him and left.

Pounds and several others were leaving whenever he decided to smash the front window of the bar, just out of view from the police.

Before police could arrest Pounds for the damage he had fled. Shortly after, Pounds went to the station to give his side of the fight and state he would pay for the window.

Pounds was arrested for breaking the window and was told he could no longer go back to Main Street Bar & Grill, and he is also facing charges of criminal mischief (damage to property) and disorderly conduct.


Officers Find Woman Slumped Over in Car

According to the criminal complaint, on August 2, officers observed a black Pontiac parked on the north side of Glen Avenue with the drivers side door ajar and a female in the drivers seat with her head slumped down into her chest.

Through past incidents, officers were able to identify the woman as Tara Anne Boariu, 20, of Ellwood City; she was previously involved in distribution and use of controlled substances and her driving privileges were suspended.

Officers were able to wake Boariu, who awoke incoherent and looking around in attempts to realize where she was. The officer questioned her if she was feeling well, to which she advised she was tired and had not slept in days. The officer asked if she was under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, which she denied and proceeded to show officer’s her arms in an attempt to prove she had no signs of syringe marks.

Officers requested her to exit the vehicle and as she maneuvered around to exit, officers observed an orange cap of a syringe sticking out from between her breasts. The officers seized the syringe and observed a semi-clear liquid to approximately the 40-unit marking line, suspected to be heroin.

Boariu was placed into custody and upon further search officers located a clear cellophane cigarette pack wrapper containing eight white pills later identified as Lorazepam and a metal spoon containing a small piece of white cotton with suspected heroin residue.

Boariu is now facing two charges of possession of a controlled substance and one charge of possession of drug paraphernalia.


Boy Hit By Car Near Hartman

Police, fire department, and paramedics crowded the corner of 4th and Cresent on August 25 after a young boy who was riding his bike near Hartman School was accidentally struck by a car.

The boy was taken to the hospital and suffered a concussion. He is in stable condition.

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