Ellwood Woman Hired to Help Around House Suspected of Stealing Medication

Adriana Michelle Contreras, 33, of Ellwood City is facing charges of theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property after an incident on July 20.

According to the criminal complaint, an Ellwood City resident called to report a suspected theft. The victim stated his wife had a condition for which they had personally hired a Contreras to help around the house.

The victim stated he suspected Contreras was stealing pills from his Adderall prescription and that since the prior week he had noticed several of the pills missing.

The victim then stated that on the day of calling to report the theft, before Contreras arrived for work at the house he counted his pills and he had 7 XR Adderall and 5 sustained Adderall. He said at some point during the day Contreras was in the room where he keeps the pills by herself. Once she left, he counted his pills and confirmed he had 4 of the XR pills and only 2 of the sustained pills left.

He contacted her via telephone and asked her about the suspected theft which she admitted to taking 3 pills the week prior and more on that night for her own personal use.

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  1. Just isnt worth it.Is that really worth getting a fine or whatever?Man stupid.And then admitting it.WOW!

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