Ellwood Resident Facing Charges for Growing Marijuana Plants in Backyard

Kylee Nikole Hooks, 28, of Franklin Avenue, is facing a felony charge of delivery of a controlled substance and misdemeanor charge of violation of controlled substance after police found marijuana plants growing in her backyard.

According to the criminal complaint, on June 26, police were given an anonymous tip of suspected marijuana plants growing in the back yard of Hooks’s residence.

Officers made contact with Hooks and asked if she had any marijuana plants being manufactured on her property, to which she admitted and led the officers to where the plants were being grown; an area of the yard out of view from the rear alley that was blocked by a garage and fence.

Officers observed eight marijuana plants in planting pots approximately knee height. No other evidence or contraband was found on the property.

The plants were seized and placed into evidence.

6 Comments on "Ellwood Resident Facing Charges for Growing Marijuana Plants in Backyard"

  1. Boy do if feel a lot safer after that criminal is off the streets, go find the real drug dealers

  2. Testing of the plants should be conducted to determine if these are indeed marijuana plants and to determine their potency. I suggest testing by the community to be performed at the fall festival in September. Add a few kegs and suddenly downtown EC will become a destination!

  3. Is his name Rob MacDonald. low life

  4. Phew… glad the mean streets of ellwood are safe again! I can finally walk down main street without looking over my shoulder for those terrible potheads. thanks ecpd!

  5. This stuff will soon be legal to smoke in your house.Why do people make such a big deal out if this?Marijuana is good for your.health to a point.So why such a big thing.There are other drugs out there that are much much worse and they bust her for this.Well surely it was put into evidence.Its probaly drying out now to be smoked.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if the plants turn up missing from the police station!

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