The Public Works Construction is ‘Progressing Well’

The demolition of the Ellwood City Public Works Building and a few other surrounding lots is progressing well, according to Borough Manager, Robert Villella.

As part of the Ellwood City Revitalization project, the demolition and rebuild of the Public Works Building was deemed one of the top necessities.

“The previous building was extremely outdated and not efficient, and in some ways even dangerous for our workers, the layout was impractical, making it hard to store the necessary items, and it was becoming an eyesore in the community. Overall it was just in not only the workers best interest, but also the communities, to rebuild the building,” Villella stated.

With the equipment and vehicles relocated at the former L&N building until further notice, the building was demolished earlier this summer.

As of right now, the crews are working on the removal of the foundations and other organic material from grass to telephone poles, in order to prepare the space to meet the necessary requirements for the construction of the new building.

While crews work to prepare the lot for the rebuild, council is expected to be taking bids from construction companies starting next month and will be optimizing bid’s that include the best and most efficient possibilities for the structure while also being the best priced.

The new building will be “better constructed,” according to Villella, including better usage of spacing, up-to-date health and safety standards, a newer design for efficiency including a metal roof and better insulation, addition of office area for some workers, and cosmetic appeal.

“There will be offices for several workers who do not currently have offices, there will be rooms for meetings, a wood shop, sign shop – things that aren’t currently available in the community. The parking will be much better, all the public works vehicles will be readily usable without suppressing the use of others. The heating and lighting will be more efficient and in turn saving money, and the building will have security,” Villella said. “It’s an investment in the community that we will all benefit from.”

Before deciding to demolish and rebuild the facility, council checked several other locations for possible relocation, to which each was advised against, often due to the cost of renovations.

Villella hopes the new building will be constructed and ready for use in 2018.

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