PennDOT to Start Suspending Vehicle Registrations for Unpaid Tolls

The new state law, Act 165, which was approved last fall, takes effect this Friday. Any drivers with unpaid tolls greater than $500 or who have at least six toll violations are at risk for vehicle registration suspension.

As part of a limited time amnesty offer, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission will waive fees for anyone who settles their debts before the deadline of 7p.m. Friday, and for anyone who has had the debts sent to a collection agency the turnpike will waive half of the associated fees.

Pennsylvania’s top 10,000 worst toll offenders, who in collection owe more than $17 million in tolls, were sent a notice about the payment options.

Anyone who owes the turnpike for unpaid tolls can take advantage of the amnesty offer. For more information about the amnesty or to see if you have unpaid tolls, click here.

Additionally, beginning January 7, 2018, the turnpike tolls will be increased by six percent for both E-Zpass and cash customers to continue providing funds to PennDOT to support public transportation statewide and to continue improving the turnpike’s 550-mile toll-road system.

3 Comments on "PennDOT to Start Suspending Vehicle Registrations for Unpaid Tolls"

  1. Henry Gibson | August 3, 2017 at 5:50 pm | Reply

    Pennsylvania = East Commiefornia

  2. Just make the Turnpike a free road and this all goes away!

  3. This only applies to toll violations occurring AFTER August 4, 2017, otherwise this would be an ex-post facto law.

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